Ocean Pursuits was born out of a passion for the ocean and for helping people achieve their ambitions to venture over the horizon. Having gained vast and varied experience in sailing, marine based event management and small craft ocean expeditions, Tony Humphreys established Ocean Pursuits to provide an independent professional service to assist anyone considering embarking on an ocean passage.

For many people the notion of undertaking a long ocean voyage is a crazy idea and beyond the realms of mere landlubbers. However with Ocean Pursuits providing good practical advice and reliable support even the most inexperienced seafarer/adventurer can safely and successfully cross oceans.

Tony Humphreys brings a high level of professionalism and a wide range of personal ocean experience to Ocean Pursuits:

Tony’s first involvement with ocean rowing dates back to 2001 when he was working for the Challenge Business, the creators of the first ever ocean rowing race. Since then he has been directly involved with four Atlantic Rowing Races, two Indian Ocean Rowing Races and has supported many independent ocean rows. There are few people who have assisted more ocean rowers to cross an ocean than Tony Humphreys.

Whether you’re intending to compete in an organised event or go it alone as an independent campaign Ocean Pursuits offers impartial advice and support. With well-established connections within the marine industry and a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from involvement with many varied and successful ocean voyages, Ocean Pursuits provides a fully comprehensive service to assist with all aspects of the planning and preparation of your project:

Planning and preparation are key to the success of any ocean voyage, however the value of reliable and experienced shore support, contactable at any time day or night should not be underestimated.

Departure from land, coastal navigation and arrival on distant shores present some of the greatest dangers for small slow moving ocean craft. Having Ocean Pursuits on hand to provide local support, and should it be required organise local assistance, greatly minimises the risks involved. In addition, when you are out on the wide open ocean, Ocean Pursuits will monitor progress, provide daily weather information and routeing advice, and will also be available 24/7 to offer experienced assistance when it comes to decision making and problem solving.

Ocean Pursuits understands the demands that making a successful ocean passage places on the individual or team, and the impact that it can also have on those at home. However supportive, family and friends will naturally be concerned and having an ocean expert available, who can explain a situation in a way they can understand, can relieve some of the pressure and avoid much unnecessary worry.

On arrival at your destination there is usually much to arrange and organise, often involving ‘red tape’ and language difficulties:

Enlisting the services of Ocean Pursuits will reduce this burden and provide better opportunity for you to relax and savour the moment of your achievement.

Once you have successfully accomplished your ambition to voyage across the ocean and the time comes to sell your treasured boat, Ocean Pursuits will help you find a suitable new owner.

GB Row 2010 (photo: Chris Usborne)

Tony was an invaluable asset in his advisory capacity for the inaugural extreme rowing race around mainland UK, called Virgin GB Row 2010. His acknowledged expertise and detailed personal understanding of the needs of the Organisers, combined with the aspirations of the competitor was always delivered with style and panache and remains unequalled by any other expert to this day.

Chris Usborne
BSc CEng MIEE Captain Royal Navy (retired)
GB Row 2013 Organiser, Race Director and Director Anglo American Boat Club Ltd.